SXSW adds, quickly removes, Crystal Castles from feminist panel

It was announced yesterday that Crystal Castles would be scheduled to play at a feminist-themed panel at SXSW called The 79 Cents event. It didn’t take long after the announcement for people to voice their upset over the bill.

So, why the outcry? In 2014, original member Alice Glass announced she was leaving the band to pursue a solo career for a multitude of reasons. Among those reasons, she said this in a statement:

The clarity I’ve gained since getting out of that situation has opened up my life in a way that I didn’t imagine was possible. Although some of the pain and anger still lingers, my life finally feels as though it has value and meaning. I speak out now hoping that I can encourage other young women and young men to affirm their value within their relationships or get out. Abuse isn’t always obvious and it doesn’t have to involve black eyes, blood and broken bones. Emotional and psychological abuse can be just as damaging, and it is extremely difficult to remove yourself from.

Those that have known me throughout my career might be surprised that someone who publicly gave the impression of being fearless and seemed as though they didn’t take shit from anyone could find themselves being severely mistreated and manipulated by someone they were close to. This person nearly stripped me of myself. And for years I felt as though they were waiting for my life to end.

While Glass never directly accused Ethan Kath, her former bandmate, of abuse, it’s still heavily implied. Abuse in the industry is something women know all too well. So, one can now see the reasoning behind the outcry over CC’s announcement to play the SXSW panel.

After lots of backlash, SXSW realized maybe it isn’t a great idea to book a guy who has a history of treating women badly. Smart move, guys.

Who will replace Crystal Castles at the panel has not been announced yet.

SXSW adds, quickly removes, Crystal Castles from feminist panel

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