Heathcliff Berru Gives Statement From Rehab

Heathcliff Berru, founder and former PR of Life or Death PR and Management, has given his first statement since leaving the company.

Berru stepped down last month after Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman spoke out about his abuse towards her. Coffman’s Twitter storm inspired other women, like Best Coast’s Bethany Consentino, to also speak out against Berru.

“I’m in detox and treatment right now. I’ve surrendered everything… I look at the things I did, I have to say this: My behavior was wildly inappropriate, hurtful, and terrible. But I have never raped or drugged anyone. I can’t accept that.”

Heathcliff Berru

On the multiple sexual assault allegations made against him, Berru said this:

“I am so sorry to everyone that I hurt. I was made an example of in a way that was necessary given the circumstances. It was time for me to pay for all my mistakes and accept responsibility and face what I did do.”

The rest of his statement can be found here.

Since Berru’s resignation, the rest of Life or Death’s employees left the company behind and formed Liberal Arts, a new PR company.

Heathcliff Berru Gives Statement From Rehab

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