Take Back MTV (News)!

It’s an exciting time over at MTV News. It was announced last week that the once highly popular news outlet is revamping its style, which involves hiring new (younger) writers and focusing on more in-depth writing.

Photo credit: Frank DiMarco via Vulture

MTV’s transition into the digital world has been anything but smooth. Since the beginning of MTV News back in 1987, it has thrived on television viewers. With the creation of the internet, MTV has struggled to cling to relevancy. When music became more on demand, shows like 120 Minutes and TRL were replaced with My Super Sweet Sixteen and The Hills. However, that’s all about to change. While its unclear if MTV will bring back its hourly news updates on the network, their digital world will aim to get back at its roots, which combine music, politics, and news.

“MTV News, he said, is ‘trying to charter a new direction, be something that is aspirational, smart, cool, irreverent, funny, fun – in areas where you can really make a difference.’ Reporters are likely to cover everything from music to national affairs, and could weigh in from places where big news is happening.”

-Dan Fierman, MTV News VP and editorial director, via Variety

Reactions to the news seem to be mostly positive. Some claim that MTV is attempting to ‘cling to relevancy’, but others are genuinely excited. The reason for that could be based in nostalgia, or maybe it’s the fact that the majority of young writers they are hiring are from other well-known publications, including Spin writer Charles Aaron and Jessica Hopper, senior editor at Pitchfork.

Ah, if only everyone could be so positive about the news…

MTV News brought us the most important pop culture news as it happened. Here’s to hoping they start to bring back great content. Maybe a return visit from Kurt Loder?

Take Back MTV (News)!

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