Battle of the Streaming Services

Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, TIDAL… The list goes on. Streaming services are now battling it out to try and win over customers from each other. Spotify, seeming to be the most popular of the five, may have some competition to worry about.

According to Thump, Amazon is planning to launch a streaming app similar to Spotify.

“The yet-to-be-named service will reportedly utilize the standard $9.99 a month payment plan, but it is also considering a discount plan that would bundle in Amazon’s Echo, the remote speaker that answers to voice commands. Gizmodo speculated that since Amazon is the number-one seller of vinyl in the United States, an innovative pairing of digital music and vinyl releases could be just the push that the company needs to make it as a robust music retailer.”

Deemed the “Spotify-killer”, Amazon’s streaming app would cost the same as other streaming apps, but the sale of vinyl may give Amazon the one-up on this one. However, despite the hype, it may end up flopping just like the Amazon Fire did.

Pandora has also been giving their app a facelift. BrooklynVegan reports that this is a ploy to keep up with Spotify.

“They’ve added a “browse” section for music discovery, which is what Spotify calls its own discovery section. Pandora’s, like many of their features, promises to be more tailored to the listener’s individual interests. They’ve also tweaked a lot of the layout, adding a mini-player and a new fly-out menu that also seems to ape Spotify’s design.”

There’s no doubt that every other streaming service is feeling threatened by Spotify. But will their methods work? When Apple Music was first released, I gave it a go because it would be great to use a streaming service that’s already built into my iPhone. Unfortunately, due to too many bugs, the app left a sour taste in my mouth.

These music streaming apps are making big changes, but I think the changes will have to be pretty spectacular to get people to switch from their already well-established app Spotify.

Battle of the Streaming Services

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