Blogroll Round Up

Before getting too deep into this blog, it’s important to explore who has done blogs like this before. There are many music blog out there that have done it bigger and better, so let’s check out some of the most influental music blogs.

  1. Brooklyn Vegan
    Brooklyn Vegan is an independent blog that’s been around since 2004. They have writers based all across the U.S. While a lot of the focus is on music that happens in NYC, BV is still a great blog to get the newest music news from.
  2. Consequence of Sound
    Consequence of Sound is similar to Pitchfork in the topics they cover, but they also cover other forms of media, such as movies.
  3. Dead Journalist
    Self-described as “the undiluted voice of the artist”, Dead Journalist is a small music website that’s mostly run by one guy. It’s based in Atlanta and posts interesting exclusive interviews and editorials.
    This is a great blog to discover the newest of the new music. They cover a lot of different music genres, so there’s always something new to discover.
  5. Noisey
    Noisey is a branch of VICE, so it’s got that “edge” that VICE is known for. They cover some mainstream music news, but most of the articles are about up-and-coming and under-discovered artists.
  6. Pitchfork
    The music blog of all music blogs. Pitchfork has been at it since 1995, so it’s safe to say they have perfected the craft of music journalism. Based in Chicago, Pitchfork covers not only underground music, but also some mainstream music. Their broad coverage is something that has helped them become so successful.
  7. Re/code
    Re/code covers a lot of media news. They post tech news, reviews, and a wide variety of other topics.
  8. Stereogum
    Stereogum has a lot of street cred. It has won multiple awards for its coverage in music journalism.
  9. The Line of Best Fit
    This is a unique blog to include because its focus is on music in the UK, but they also cover music in the U.S. too. It’s run by writers who are passionate about music and only share the things they love.
  10. The Wild Honey Pie
    The Wild Honey Pie posts countdown lists, reviews, and weekly playlists. They’re always updating their website with new music, so it’s a good place to find the newest music news and alternative music.
Blogroll Round Up

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